Concept of IISFF

At WOW (Wonder on Wheels) Foundation, we believe that movie is the most power media of communication and the means for spreading awareness. Thus, WOW Foundation is conceptualizing the “International Inclusion Short Film Fest (IISFF)”, the first-of-its-kind Short Film Festival to encourage filmmakers to create short movies in the spheres of disability welfare, inclusion and accessibility. Its a brain child of WOW (Wonder on Wheels) Foundation.

Objectives of IISFF:
– Pool the right talent from pan India in the domain of short filmmaking on disability issues
– Bring in awareness and transform the perceptions of people about disability and inclusion
– Showcase short films and documentaries made with “INCLUSION” as the central theme
– Organize knowledge sharing sessions with prominent short filmmakers
– Honor short filmmakers and artists associated with inclusion films

– Narsing Rao Bongurala and Praveen Kumar Machavaram

Call for Entries
– Decide schedule for entries
– Send invites
– Get Entries

Panel of Judges
– Constitute panel of judges
– Scrutinize short movie entries
– Decide best entries
– Shortlist the entries

– Schedule the screening
– Create Event
– Run Social Media Campaign to attract viewer
– Organize event
– Media Coverage / PR

Awards & Rewards
– Explore Partners for brand
– Present Awards

Website Pages / Documentation
– Create an exclusive website pages on WOW Foundation
– Update website – Pre – On – Post Event

– Primarily ANNUAL